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January 22, 2020

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How to Know the Best Career Mentor

When you are very intentional about pursuing a successful career, it is important to understand that it is more than sitting in the class and hearing the lectures. This is because after completing your college, you will come to the real world and face very many challenges that are likely to pull you back from achieving your dreams. That is why you find that mentorship becomes a very important step for you to take. You find mentorship to be a very helpful process in the adventure of building a successful career because you get help from people that are already ahead of you and your what it takes. Read more below on how to choose the best career mentor.

The mentor you should choose should always be someone that is in the area of specialization. It is so simple to get mentorship from such a person because they understand what the industry is like your area of specialization and therefore giving you the advice that you need. Therefore, if you specialize in health and fitness, real estate, sports and so on, find someone that is in the same area. It is also good to consider someone that is very complex in the area of specialization because they can give you more help because they understand different things and that is good for you. Therefore, take your time to check the credentials and know more about them.

Apart from knowing what they specialize in, it is very important that you can consider how experienced they are. The truth is someone cannot mentor you if they understand nothing about what you are pursuing. Therefore, be sure that you can know more about the experience in the specific areas you are interested in being mentored. You might also want to know more about the history because it will help you to get the inspirations you need.

The other most important thing is communication. This is because without communication nothing much can happen and therefore you want to hear from them. There is always the option of observing what they do, what they say to other people but it is also good that you can communicate closely. The good thing is that most of these mentors can have social media platforms where you can find them such as on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook.

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