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August 5, 2019

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The Escape Room – A Quick Guide For First Timers

A lot of people actually don’t know what Escape the Room is all about. Escape the Room is a game that adults and teen can join in; if you want to know more about it, make sure to check the article below. If you want to bring your kids to Escape the Room then you have to use their directions. A player has to be at least ten years old to be able to join the game. You can bring two kids as an adult; the ratio is two kids for one adult. If you are interested in knowing more then you might want to check the article below.

Get to know how Escape the Room works.

The game Escape the Room is all about having a team inside figure out the mystery and solve the puzzle to be able to get out of the room. A team can consist of twelve members; one dozen players each room.

If you want, you can either join another team that is lacking members or you can have twelve friends with you book one room for the game session. If you have twelve friends with you then you can enjoy the room in private. If no one else chose the slot that you just booked then you will be doing Escape the Room in a private room.

Arrival time is important when it comes to Escape the Room; make sure to read on.

It is important to be at least fifteen minutes early to get ready for the game. Arriving early is going to help you enjoy the whole Escape the Room experience better. If you are late you might disrupt the current session as well as the next session. The late arrivals will be taken care of by the staff.

It is important to know what you can bring inside the room; checking the rules will be very important.

You are not allowed to bring food and drinks inside the room. Being under the influence of anything is prohibited as well. You are allowed to bring your phone with you but you are not allowed to take pictures of the room inside.

If you want to reschedule your game then you have to do it two days before the final day to make everything clear for the scheduling. You will be charged with a 50% fee if you are unable to contact them during the time period given. The booking system is fair since the game is live. If you show up late, no refunds will be given and you won’t be able to do a rescheduling as well.

These details are very important for those who plan on booking a game session with their friends for Escape the Room.

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